Outcomes Outcomes

Main results and publications

Videos of innovative classroom practice using tablets

Webinars and training materials

  • A series of practitioner-led webinars that presented topics related to the educational use of tablets.
  • An online training course provided a 5-weeks long journey of exploration into the world of tablets in schools. The course ran in April-May 2015 but the materials are available for free browsing and self-studying.
  • A course manual outlining the course structure containing all materials and assessment activities.

Final conference


Deliverables Deliverables

Download and view here the public deliverables of the Creative Classrooms Lab project.

All webinar recordings available here.


Webinars Webinars

The Creative Classrooms Lab has organised a series of webinars to present topics related to the educational use of tablets. The topics include for example special needs education, flipped classroom, personalised learning and collaboration.On this page you can see the webianr recordings and presentations.

School-to-School Collaboration - 7 April 2015

Parental Involvement and Tablets - 22 April 2015

Collaboration and Assessment - 27 April 2015

Special Needs Education and Tablets - 7 May


Tablets and Flipped Classroom - 14 May 2015


Tablets and personalised learning, 21 May 2015


CCL teacher webinars

1st CCL teacher webinar - Project expectations 25 June 2013

2nd CCL teacher webinar - Early achievements and goals 9 October 2013

3rd CCL teacher webinar - Project challenges 8 January 2014

4th CCL teacher webinar - Working with others 3 June 2014

5th CCL teacher webinar - Sharing ideas 22 September 2014

6th CCL teacher webinar - Teacher conclusions and recommendations 3 February 2015