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Teachers' Blog Teachers' Blog

Linked with the webinars organised for the project teachers, this blog will display teachers thoughts, plans, ideas and experience with tablets in classroom. After each webinar, the teachers will write a reflective post on the given topic. Along the course of the project, this blog will provide an interesting insight into day to day teaching with tablets.  

Blog topics

  • Blog post 1 - Project expectations: deadline 5 Sep 2013. See the template here
  • Blog post 2 - Project Ideas: Early Achievement and Goals, deadline 15 Nov 2013. See the template here
  • Blog post 3 - Project challenges, deadline 21 Feb 2014. See the template here
  • Blog post 4 - Working with others, deadline 31 July 2014. See the template here
  • Blog Post 5 - Sharing Ideas on CCL scenario 2, deadline October 31st 2014 (see template below)
Teachers' blog Teachers' blog
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Collaborative Work - ipadProject + Teachers first Touch

1.  I am going to use the learning scenario to...

 show teachers how they can use an ipad for personal use and give them some examples for using an ipad in their classrooms
2. Describe a little about one lesson you have taught so far using the tablets...
with the mobile ipad setting of the PHDL (16 ipads/router/connectors/AppleTV) I visit schools and give a "first touch" lesson (3-4 hours) for all interested teachers (10-20 persons).
Topics: overview tablets/personal use/using tablets in the classroom - trying some interesting apps/feedback from teachers who are using tablets/organisation an administration tips.
3. My three top tips for the teacher using tablets in the classroom are:
  • using tablets (technical aspect) should be an easy job - prepare everthing carefully
  • use tablets not only for a long time - use them also for only few minutes
  • enable the students/teacher creativity
4. The two most useful apps that i have tried in my classroom so far....
  • Explain everything
  • Puppet pals HD
5. Two useful apps that students (teacher) recommend...
  • Explain everything
  • EduPuzzles
6. Two goals for teaching and learning in the next 8 weeks are...
  • Collecting apps and sort them by subject/scenario
  • Creating content on our learning platform