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Teachers' Blog Teachers' Blog

Linked with the webinars organised for the project teachers, this blog will display teachers thoughts, plans, ideas and experience with tablets in classroom. After each webinar, the teachers will write a reflective post on the given topic. Along the course of the project, this blog will provide an interesting insight into day to day teaching with tablets.  

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Teachers' blog Teachers' blog
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Teacher conclusions and recommendations - Robert Conings PTS Maasmechelen Belgium


Give your response with an explanation and your reasons.

1. What did you find most challenging during the CCL project? 

We had some challenges: having tablets in this time of low budget for IT-infrastucture  (BYOD is not an option in our school), what kind of tablet to choose and how to motivate teachers to change their teaching methods.

2. What was the biggst benefit of participating in the CCL project?

 Microsoft/Dell/Intel donated our school 30 Windows8-tablets, the update of our wireless network and the motivation of teachers to work with tablets.

3. What have you been able to achieve? What are you most proud of?

 There are some classes that can use tablets in and out of school, and our youngest students are able to connect their tablets with the 3D-printer.

4. How will you take the work forward? How will you disseminate your work to others?

 We started a parallel etwinning-project ETWININ3D and we will use social media to disseminate our work (FB, twitter) as well as our networks.

5. 2 Top Tips for other teachers 

 Your wireless network should be able to connect with all the tablets without any problem.
Look for information to prepare the specific use of tablets in your school.