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Teachers' Blog Teachers' Blog

Linked with the webinars organised for the project teachers, this blog will display teachers thoughts, plans, ideas and experience with tablets in classroom. After each webinar, the teachers will write a reflective post on the given topic. Along the course of the project, this blog will provide an interesting insight into day to day teaching with tablets.  

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Teachers' blog Teachers' blog
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Blog 6 - iNMS Jennersdorf/Austria (Collaboration & Assessment)

CCL Scenario Collaboration & assessment (2014/2015)

1. Name and address of your school: 

iNMS Jennersdorf, Austria


2.For how long have you been using tablets in teaching and in which subjects?

For five years


1: your “ccl class”                                                                                                                       

3.     With how many classes do you work on the CCL scenario?                                                             

With two classes


4.     How many students does the class have? How old are the students?

1B – 22 students (10 – 11 years old)   --- { 3A – 24 students (12 -13 years old)}


5.     For how long has the class been using tablets?

(The following answers refer to class 1B)

Tablets have been used for 5 months in class 1B.


6.     What types of tablets does the class use?

iOS /iPad



7.  Please specify numbers of specific devices 

22 iPads


8.     Who owns the tablet? 

parent /    school    school-student 



9.     Can the students take the tablet home?

Yes always.


3: Your own CCL Learning Activities/ project

10.  In which subject(s) do you work on the CCL scenario?

 English, Music


11.  What is the main goal of your own CCL project?  

To use the tablet in various ways in lessons, in order to get familiar with it as a quite useful learning-device.


12.  Please describe your CCL project briefly. 

In general….


Ad English:

·        Use iTranslate as a dictionary

·        “Vokabeltrainer” as a substitute for a “word-book”
write and learn new words & phrases by the app

·        Read and listen to multimedia stories

·        Using “Skooly” as a learning-platform (text-writing activities, …)


Ad Music:

·        Research for specific topics (browser-internet)

·        “iWriteMusic” – for musical notation

·        “Garageband” – to make music in a team


Special Project: “kidZ” (Klassenzimmer der Zukunft)

·        Contacts to a school in Lienz (Austria) and  to a school in St. Johann im Ahrntal (Italy) by using “Skype” on the tablet

§  First contact in December 2014

§  February 2015: Exchange pictures of the school-buildings

§  April 2015: Compare daily life in the schools

§  June 2015: Presentation of the city/village….of each partner-school

The tablets are used to take photos, videos, produce presentations, …



13.  Collaboration: Who cooperates when, how, using which tools?

iNMS Jennersdorf --- (using iPads)

NMS Lienz Nord --- (various tablets)

Mittelschule St. Johann im Ahrntal --- (various tablets)



14.  Assessment: How do you assess collaboration, when, using which tools?

 By writing a documentation on google docs –collaboration of all three schools


15.  What is the most successful aspect for you so far?

Getting in contact with students in other schools, sharing various content, exchanging ideas, …


16.  What is the biggest challenge/ does not work well (yet)?

Having a fluent video stream, when using Skype on the tablet


17.  How often do your students use tablets for this work?        

every lesson


18.  What support do you have? Which support were you missing? 

Support is ok


4: your conclusions

19.  Did anything change in the classroom? If so, why?                                                                                                           

Some students are becoming experts on using special apps on the tablet. Tasks are distributed among teachers and students. Students really like to take responsibility for tasks.


20.  For which activities do you find tablets particularly useful and for which ones not? Please explain briefly.                                                                 

 Tablets are quite useful devices for research-work during lessons, for exercise-sequences, for producing presentations that can be shown to the others by “Apple TV”.


21.  What did you learn about collaboration & assessment with tablets? What was the most interesting?

There are lots of possibilities to share documents among students, so that a team/group can work on the same task. (text writing, presentations, having contact to each other by using messengers, …)


Various learning platforms offer assessment sessions that can indicate the outcome of projects.

(e.g. Socrative, Skooly, LMS, Quizlet, Kahoot, …..)