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Teachers' Blog Teachers' Blog

Linked with the webinars organised for the project teachers, this blog will display teachers thoughts, plans, ideas and experience with tablets in classroom. After each webinar, the teachers will write a reflective post on the given topic. Along the course of the project, this blog will provide an interesting insight into day to day teaching with tablets.  

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Teachers' blog Teachers' blog
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Creative blog 5 - Sharing my ideas on my CCL Scenario Iva Skybová, Czech republic


 1. Briefly outline the overall aims of your scenario and share important definitions for the key parts.

The main aim of my CCL scenario is learning collaboration. The other aims are to start a collaboration with any other school, first of all among our project partners from Belgium, and to find concensus on math content. My idea is to describe and work with number pi.

 2. In the second Learning Scenario, I plan to find something interesting and important about the history of the number pi and his utility for present.

  3. I would really like my students to produce an interesting iBook useful in math lessons during introduction to using pi and the second effect I see is to enrich knowledge of my students.

  4. This year I am going to try the following ideas (and apps) that are new to me/ my students how and where I can find valid information?, how to present them, how to explain the matter of number pi? I am still thinking about suitable apps. My students sure will use some survey and questionnaires.

 5. Any other comments/ questions about the Learning Story: I have no more comments