Scenarios and Learning Stories Scenarios and Learning Stories

Scenarios and Learning Stories will play an essention role in the Creative Classrooms Lab project. For the scenario development, the project builds on the expertise of the iTEC project. This flagship project on the design of the future classroom, which is also coordinated by European Schoolnet, is providing a Future Classroom Scenarios Toolkit that is being used by participating Ministries of Education in the CCL project. 

This outcome of this process will guide the CCL teachers in the use of the tablets during the first round of pilots starting in November 2013.

Literature review

In preparation of the development of the scenarios, the e-Learning Foundation has carried out a literature review. This literature review identifies and documents results of published 1:1 studies related to a number of key themes, such as innovative and creative pedagogical use of tablets for collaborative learning, active learning, personalisation, engagement and assessment. Download the literature review here (v. June 2013)

New Policy Maker Scenarios 2nd cycle 


Collaboration & assessment

Liberating Learners (independent learners)

Outputs 1st cycle 


Policy Maker Scenarios

Based on the iTEC methodology, the project partners create Policy Maker Scenarios. The first ones were created during the 1st Capacity Development Workshop in May 2013 on four topics: collaboration, content creation, flipped classroom and personalisation.

Download the PDFs here:

Learning Stories

On the basis of the Policy Maker Scenarios, project partners and lead teachers have developed learning stories together during a Scenario Development Workshop in June 2013.

The aim is that these Learning Stories engage teachers, learners and stakeholders both inside and outside the school.

Download the PDFs here (size A3):

Support documents for teachers

The support documents guide and inspire the CCL teachers in the implementation of their own pilots.

Download the PDFs here: 


Lesson plans

From the Learning stories, teachers can derive concrete lesson plans for their classes that incorporate the use of tablets.

See here teachers' lesson plans, more will be added on frequent basis

CCL Lesson Plan Template