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The resources section aims to give teachers, policy makers, industry partners and anyone else interested an overview on relevant readings related to the innovative use of tablets and showcase other tablet pilots.

On topics such as motivation, assessment and flipped classroom, it highlights:

The section is updated regularly. If you know of an interesting item which could be featured in this section, send it to creativeclassroom@eun.org

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The iPad as a tool for education - a case study

This study was jointly commissioned by NAACE and 9ine Consulting to assess the impact on iPads at Longfield Academy, Kent. In March 2012, 726 iPads were provided on a leasing scheme to 76% of pupils on roll. The implementation has been led at senior management level through an iLearning group led by the Principal. The study investigated amongst others the subject use of tablets, how students used iPads in and outside of the classroom and the impact of iPads on students' progress and achievement.