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The resources section aims to give teachers, policy makers, industry partners and anyone else interested an overview on relevant readings related to the innovative use of tablets and showcase other tablet pilots.

On topics such as motivation, assessment and flipped classroom, it highlights:

The section is updated regularly. If you know of an interesting item which could be featured in this section, send it to creativeclassroom@eun.org

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Key Elements for developing Creative Classrooms in Europe

This paper looks at how to innovate teaching and learning practices at system level. It describes the vision for 'Creative Classrooms' and makes a consolidated proposal for their implementation,clarifying their holistic and systemic nature, their intended learning outcomes, and their pedagogical, technological, and organisational dimensions for innovation. 'Creative Classrooms' (CCR) are conceptualized as innovative learning environments that fully embed the potential of ICT to innovative learning and teaching practices in formal, non-formal and informal settings. 

A preliminary analysis of two exisiting cases of ICT-enabled innovation for learning is presented in order to show (i) how the proposed key dimensions and reference parameters are implemented in real-life settings to configure profoundly diverse types of CCR and (ii) to depict the systematic approach needed for the sustainable imeplementation and provressive up-scaling of Creative Classrooms across Europe.