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The resources section aims to give teachers, policy makers, industry partners and anyone else interested an overview on relevant readings related to the innovative use of tablets and showcase other tablet pilots.

On topics such as motivation, assessment and flipped classroom, it highlights:

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iPads in the foreign language classroom: A learner’s perspective

The Haute Ecole Pédagogique observed two classes at the canton de Neuchâtel for one school year. The goal of the study was to evaluate the tablet implementation and in particular to identify areas where tablets can support teachers and students in teaching and learning and to look at the complementary use use of tablets and computers. The Study method included group interviews, online questionnaires and blog entries. As one result, the study highlights the ease of use of tablets.The study also identifies enablers for the integration of tablets in the classroom: technical support, support of classroom management and the possibility for continuos use of the tablets outside the classroom. Motivating factors for teachers are the feeling of being supported and belonging to a community, and the possibility to share experiences. In the course of the school year, teachers become slightly less optimistic about the pedagogical value of tablets. Nevertheless, they identify the following benefits: more autonomy for students, motivation, interactivity, personalised learning, productivity and gains in time.