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The resources section aims to give teachers, policy makers, industry partners and anyone else interested an overview on relevant readings related to the innovative use of tablets and showcase other tablet pilots.

On topics such as motivation, assessment and flipped classroom, it highlights:

The section is updated regularly. If you know of an interesting item which could be featured in this section, send it to creativeclassroom@eun.org

1:1 resources 1:1 resources
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2015 Technology Outlook. Scandinavian Schools

This inaugural Scandinavian edition describes findings from the NMC Horizon project. It is an ongoing research project by the New Media Consortium designed toidentify and describe emerging technologies likely to have an impact on teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. Unlike the European Horizon report, this report does not identify tablets as a trend likely to emerge in less than one year. BYOD is, however, identified as a trend likely to appear in that time frame. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) refers to the digital strategy of students bringing their own laptops, tablets, smartphones, or other mobile devices with them to class. The report acknowledges that tablet computing has accelerated the pace of BYOD, especcialy in schools, where these smaller, less-expensive devices are seen as a better option than traditional laptops. Further, it identifies Flipped Classroom as a trend likely to emerge within the next year.