Teachers' Activities Y1 Teachers' Activities Y1

1st Peer Exchange Workshop, March 2014

Example teacher presentations on pilot phase 1

Example Lesson Plans

Learning to give one's point of view through social network (Babelio) 

  • Lesson title: I’m a professional reviewer publishing on the Net
  • CCL school/ teacher: Sandrine Geuquet/ Athénée Royal d’Ans (Belgium) 
  • PDF: here 

Building a common website by collaborating among two different courses 

  • Lesson title: Let’s collaborate to share and enhance our antique culture 
  • CCL school/ teacher: Sandrine Geuquet/ Athénée Royal d’Ans (Belgium) 
  • PDF: here

Preparation of a sponsored walk involving 6 disciplines 

  • Lesson title: A really motivating sponsored walk 
  • CCL school/ teacher: Sandrine Geuquet/ Athénée Royal d’Ans (Belgium)
  • PDF: here

Correction of a general Maths exam 

  • Lesson title: Correction of a general Maths exam  
  • CCL school/ teacher: Luc Viatour/ Institut Saint-Joseph (Belgium) 
  • PDF: here

Personal Artefact

  • Lesson title: TDU (trans disciplinary units)  
  • CCL school/ teacher: Phil Spoors/ Cramlington Learning Village (United Kingdom) 
  • PDF: here